AXIS – Open C Kite



  • Sizes: 5m, 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 15m
  • Open C shape delivers constant power throughout your turns and kite loops.
  • Direct bar pressure feeling for old school or unhooked so you know where your kite is at all times.
  • Excellent pop and slack for all you unhooked junkies
  • Optimized Lift/Drag ratio enabling massive hangtime and quick recovery from extreme kite loops.
  • Exceptional upwind performance from the open leading edge arc.
  • Balanced bridle supporting the leading edge to deliver maximum depower and stability preventing front or back stall.
  • Simple complexity, all aspects of the kite are functional without any useless gimmicks.
  • High end materials from leading industry companies including Teijin, Rostan, and Cousin.
  • Meticulous quality control, 48 hours of inflation and all production aspects are triple checked at the factory
  • Axis Includes: Kite, Bag, and Repair Kit.¬†Control Bar sold separately!
  • All prices do not include Import Tax or VAT!
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