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The CONTROL BAR has many new improvements this year. For starters we have a completely new designed chicken loop safety release. Next up we developed a new bar mold, heat pressed EVA grip and robust bar ends. Another addition to the new control bar system is the stainless steel hollow center swivel. This keep the 5th line from wrapping around your center depower line. To keep everything streamline and simple we have our safety attachment point in the center of the chicken loop. With all these new features we still maintained a simple clam cleat depower.

Design Specs:

  • 50/46cm Bar and 24/20m flying lines.
  • Extreme breaking strength, pre-stretched dyneema 450kg center / 350kg outside lines.
  • Simple push away quick release safety.
  • Depower clam cleat located within easy reach and gives the rider a simple depower method.
    The sheet in and sheet out of the depower can be done effortlessly.
  • High end heat pressed EVA and central ergonomic mold.
  • Hollow center stainless steel swivel located directly above your depower cleat to untwist your center lines.
  • Quick and easy adjustment knots on the outside leader lines along with foam floaters.
  • Center depower and safety line have been reinforced with plastic to reduce wear and tear.
  • Optional double center line with stopper ball for old school and racing riders.
  • 5mm Spectra line covered by a layer of protective webbing, with a push away safety release.
  • High end materials, molded stainless steel composite tubing and epoxy composite.
  • All parts of the control bar are rigorously tested to ensure extreme breaking limits.
  • All prices do not include Import Tax or VAT!
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50cm, 46cm

Line Length:

20m (Wave), 24m (Standard)