The all new
3rd generation
FLUX hybrid kite.

High performance freeride kite designed
for maximum upwind and hangtime.

Freeride. Freestyle. Wave.

Introducing the Flux, 5 struts, Hybrid kite.  Transform your riding with a powerful, efficient, and stable kite.  The Flux kite sits at the top of the performance freeride class.  Fine-tuned with a high aspect ratio it has exceptional up wind performance. It’s flat arc shape makes it ideal for huge lofty jumps and smooth landings.  With the light but direct bar pressure the Flux delivers a perfect blend of horsepower and stability.

The Flux is designed to perform in all conditions and disciplines.  Designed for gusty conditions typically found in high wind speed locations and oceanfront beach breaks.  Power freeriding is the name of the game, huge airtime and hooked-in freestyle.  The 3rd generation FLUX delivers power to cruise to lulls and depower to give you stability during big gusts.  Wave riding and wave airstyle is a perfect fit for the Flux as you want that kite power on / off switch.  Contact your local distributor or buy online.

5 Strut Frame, delivers maximum stability to the Axis kite frame.  In extreme conditions the kite profile will always remain rigid for smooth and predictable ride!

Polyant 175 Dacron, is a hard finish dacron used in the leading edge and wingtips for performance increases and direct steering.  It is also used in the trailing edge to increase the lifespan of the kites.

Computational Fluid Dynamics,  all kites designed are ran through vigorous computer simulations.  We strive to find the optimal geometry for each kite model.  CFD allows accurate flight characteristics without producing several prototypes.

High Aspect Ratio, incorporated into the design is all about performance.  Maximum hang-time, upwind efficiency and extreme depower range.

One Pump Inflation, will get you on the water first with our large inflate valve and easy pack down with a deflate valve on the wingtip.  We know how much you love to pump your kite so we made things as easy as possible!

Reactive Kiteloops, gives the rider a steady direct feel and pull all the way through the loop.  Either on a wave or in the air the Flux gives the rider the control to kiteloop with ease.

Light Bar Pressure, we designed the kite to specificly give the rider a nice direct feel but at the same time keep that nice light pressure so you can enjoy long sessions and downwinders without putting stress on your arms.

Easy Relaunch,  the Flux is designed to immediately drift to it’s natural relaunch position whenever the bar is released.  Wave riders will appreciate being able to relaunch quickly as seconds crucial inside a large wave break.

Kite Dynamics:







Kite Loops




Wind Range:

Kite Size
KnotsLine Lengths
7m16 - 38kn20m + 4m
9m14 - 33kn20m + 4m
11m12 - 22kn20m + 4m
13m11 - 18kn20m + 4m
15m10-16kn20m + 4m
5kn (Hydrofoil + Advanced Kite Control)
20m + 4m

FLUX 3.0 Freeride Kite


  • Sizes: 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 17m
  • Flat hybrid shape delivers constant power and extreme upwind performance.
  • Light direct bar pressure for long easy sessions.
  • Excellent hang time for all you big air junkies.
  • Optimized Lift/Drag ratio enabling serious race capabilities.
  • Balanced bridle supporting the leading edge to deliver maximum depower and stability preventing front or back stall.
  • Simple complexity, all aspects of the kite are functional without any useless gimmicks.
  • High end materials from leading industry companies including Teijin, Rostan, and Cousin.
  • Meticulous quality control, 48 hours of inflation and all production aspects are triple checked at the factory
  • Flux Includes: Kite, Bag, and Repair Kit. Control Bar sold separately!
  • All prices do not include Import Tax or VAT!
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