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Regional vs International

There are two types of sponsorships we offer.  Regional and International.  The regional team rider is a offer for kiteboarders to acquire our products at discounted pricing.  We are looking for riders to represent and demo our kites in their local country.  The international team rider is a full sponsorship for very talented riders with extreme kiteboarding skill.  These riders meet all of our criteria and have excellent media skills and recognition.


Talent is king and this is the first thing that will get us to look your way.  Competition results are great but we look for creative and innovative riders that represent a high level of riding.


Attitude is very important to us, amazing talent is nothing without a great attitude.  As a team rider you will be representing what our company and it is very important to have a good attitude that reflects our brands ideals.


If you have talent and a good attitude… you’ll gain respect. This is important to us because if you have the respect of your peers it will make you, and us credible. Kiting is our passion and we want to keep every experience on and off the water positive.


Next to the personality and performance qualifications your media skills are one of the most important things to a sponsor. And this is where the work comes in.  Your ability to upload photos and video to social media is huge for us.  Creating content, increasing your recognition and elevating the brand is the biggest boost to a riders relationship with a sponsor.  We are attracted to people who are promoting us and helping us grow as a brand.

If your interested in becoming a regional or international rider!

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