Warranty Statement

With rigorous testing routines and high tech materials we ensure that our products meet high quality standards. In the unlikely case of material failure we offer one (1) year guarantee on our products.

ADI KITES warrants kites and bars to be free from major defects in material or workmanship to the original purchaser, for a period of one (1) year  from the date of purchase. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

This Warranty is valid only when the warranty registration of this product is properly filled out on our website ( www.adikites.com ) within twenty ( 20 ) days from the original date of purchase.

  • The warranty is valid only when the product is used for KITEBOARDING ON WATER and does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.
  • Adi Kites will make the final warranty determination, which may require inspection and/or photos of the equipment, which clearly show the defect(s). If necessary, this information must be sent to the Adi Kites dealer, postage prepaid.
  • If a product is deemed to be defective by Adi Kites, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective product only.
  • Adi Kites will not be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages incurred as a result of loss of use of this product.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear including but not limited to; rigging with other than Adi Kites components, damage due to excessive sun exposure, damage caused by improper handling or storage, damage caused by use in waves or shore break and damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship.
  • This warranty is voided if any unauthorized repair, change or modification has been made to any part of the equipment. The warranty for any repaired or replaced equipment is good from the date of the original purchase only. The original purchase receipt must accompany all warranty claims.
  • The name of the retailer and date of purchase must be clear and legible.
  • There are no warranties that extend beyond the warranty specified herein.
  • Warranty claims can only be handled once the product has been activated through our website. (go to www.adikites.com to register your kite).
  • This Warranty does not cover costs of return shipments to Adi Kites.

Terms & Conditions

Order cancellations

Adi Kites offers only the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, you may need to cancel an order for some particular reason.  Adi Kites does not charge any type of fee for cancellations if requested before we issue shipping instructions to our warehouse.  In order to help us cancel your order before we begin the shipping process, please contact us.

Damages during shipping

While it is unlikely that your items will be damaged during shipping, it can happen from time to time. Adi Kites does everything possible to ensure the safe delivery of items purchased from us.

However, in the unlikely instance of damage occurring during shipping, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the shipper and Adi Kites immediately. If you notice any visual damage to a box when you receive it, we recommend inspecting the contents immediately to ensure they have arrived undamaged and that no items are missing. You should ask the driver to document that the box arrived damaged. Often the shipper will want to inspect the box and packaging materials, so be sure to retain everything until instructed otherwise by the shipper.

If the damaged item is found after the driver has left your premises, contact the shipper at once:

FedEx – 800-463-3339